Knowit is a digitalisation consultancy with the vision to create a sustainable and humane society through digitalisation and innovation.

The assignment: Materiality assessment

To realise Knowit’s vision, Purple IVY conducted materiality assessments, stakeholder dialogues and other sustainability services. This included using our digital materiality tool for in-depth analyses in 2018, 2019, and 2022, supporting work with an EU Taxonomy survey and providing Double Materiality coaching for the Group in 2023.

“As Knowit's Head of Sustainability, partnering with Purple IVY has been instrumental in our journey toward creating a sustainable and humane society. Their expertise in materiality assessments and strategic sustainability services has provided invaluable insights, guiding us to integrate sustainability deeper into our Group´s business strategy. Purple IVY's tailored approach, including the Materiality digital tool, has been pivotal in aligning our organizational priorities with our vision for a sustainable future.”

Joakim PilborgHead of Sustainability, Knowit

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