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And transition plans

In an ever-evolving society, a forward-thinking approach helps your company stay resilient and contribute to a sustainable world. We guide your organisation on its sustainability journey, whether you are at the very start or if you have already taken some steps. We help you pinpoint impactful areas, define aspirations, establish targets and craft robust transition plans. 

Sustainability Leadership Assessments & Benchmarks


Our future-focused leadership assessment benchmarks companies on their sustainability ambitions in material areas, offering insights into competitors’ and peers’ medium- to long-term ambitions. This helps to identify gaps and provides insights and best practices for your company to integrate sustainability and take more ambitious steps.

Scenarios & Strategic Roadmaps


Using insights on your company’s most material topics (where you have the most impact), we help you build a coherent company strategy. A scenario process engages key functions in your company to chart probable and desired pathways for strategic development. We recommend starting with our other services such as gap analyses, double materiality and 2040 mapping to input into this process.

Double Materiality Assessments​


The EU CSRD mandates a double materiality analysis. We simplify the process, guiding you to prioritise initiatives that address your environmental footprint and positive impact.

Our customisable digital tool tailors the analysis to your organisation’s needs, from a streamlined CSRD compliance exercise to a comprehensive foundation for strategy and communication. 

Discover more about our DMA service →

Gap Analysis​


A gap analysis reveals the missing elements in your sustainability efforts to adequately meet regulations and stakeholder expectations and drive changeIt’s a great way to kick-start your sustainability work and a first step toward preparing for a doublemateriality process. 

Navigating 2040​


In a rapidly changing business landscape, growth strategies, sustainability risk management, and climate change adaptation demand a keen understanding of change drivers. We help you shine a searchlight into the future to map material topics, impacts, risks and opportunities.

Contact us to discuss options for an analytical study or company workshop and integrate the insights into your strategy or double-materiality assessment.

Executive Sustainability Coaching


Our Executive Coaching services are specifically tailored to empower board members, CEOs and CSOs, ensuring they gain the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively integrate sustainability into strategic decision-making.

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Sustainability Strategist