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Author: Purple IVY

Our second edition of The State of Integration report is out

Through interviews with 24 of some of Sweden’s top CSOs and Sustainability Managers, we discover how the integration of sustainability into companies has shifted.

The Purple IVY report ‘From Push to Pull, The State of Integration 2022/2023’ takes a deep dive into the world of the sustainability team to discover their evolving roles, drivers and barriers to integrating sustainability, as well as strategies used to ensure sustainability permeates company thinking. Participating companies include VattenfallEricssonPeabHandelsbanken and Scania. This year, we also interviewed board members from Boards Impact Forum to gain an understanding of the role of the board in integrating sustainability.  

Our key takeaways revealed that:

  • Sustainability reporting is aligning with financial reporting.
  • Pressures and complexity are challenging sustainability teams and pulling them in different directions.
  • Data must lead to strategic and operational insights if we are to shift the economy onto a green pathway.
  • Greenwashing and hushing have become a tightrope walk as demands for the green story grow.
  • Regulators are the loudest stakeholders.

This report reveals a new era in the transition where company strategy is based on a mindset of value-chain transformation, instead of merely charting the transition to become a more sustainable company. At Purple IVY, we believe it is time to fully integrate sustainability across the value chain to achieve a flow of relationships and information as change picks up speed.

Read the full report here.

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