We’re all about crafting and implementing tools for integration and transition in the areas of sustainability strategy, communications, management and impact.

Strategy – Setting your course.

Materiality assessments. Strategy development with high aspirations and ambitious targets.

Understanding sustainability impacts is more important than ever. With requirements for double materiality, every company has a due diligence to understand and report on how their actions affect people and the planet and how sustainability influences their own ability to create value.

With over ten years’ experience in materiality, we’ll help you identify your most crucial environmental, social and governance topics.

Each of the five-steps of our modular process is self contained, and can be applied for strategy work, reporting and integration. Our digital tool helps ensure your prioritization is comparable year-on-year.

Strategize, integrate and communicate

Through Navigating 2030, defining impacts along the value chain and other modules of our materiality process, we will lay the groundwork for your future-fit plan of action.

Then we will begin to chart your course. We will help you craft aspirations on how you intend to make a difference and at the right level of ambition. We’ll help you set a plan for transformation that’s inspiring and impactful, integrated into your business model in relevant ways.

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Management – Leading for change.

Strategy execution and management systems. ISO implementation and risk management. Policy development and alignment.

By creating the right balance of structure and company culture, we’ll help you develop a management system aligned with how your business is evolving. We’ll visualize how to integrate environmental, social and governance priorities into your organization and deliver on your sustainability plan in ways that meet your ambitions. We’ll instill ways of working that are robust and aligned, so that you are prepared to embrace both challenges and create change across your company.

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Communications – What you’re saying.

Communications strategy. Reporting. Stakeholder dialogue and employee engagement programs.

Through well-crafted communications and storytelling, we’ll help you increase transparency, build trust and trigger dialogue that builds knowledge. We’ll help you develop disclosures – EU taxonomy, TCFD, adapted to the latest reporting standards – and keep pace with new expectations for transparency. We’ll engage your stakeholders in your aspirations and goals, because no organization can make a difference on its own.

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Impact – Scaling your influence, reducing your footprint.

Social innovation programs. Measuring the difference you make. Building multi-stakeholder partnerships.

We’ll help you execute on great ideas that reduce your negative impacts and scale your positive ones through a partnership approach. We’ll enable you to measure the difference you make to people and create a better understanding of your impacts across your value chain.

We apply a partnership approach to delivering impact, too. Purple IVY works with Yunus Social Business to help instill social value creation at the core of company clients through social innovation programs.

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